In this vlog you will see how I start my day, a journey to the grocery store, and the FLYING TORTILLAS!!! #CalAesthetics
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My name is Brendan Meyers, a former collegiate football player, author, guest speaker, and exercise specialist. With my Exercise Physiology degree from FAU and years of experience personal training/training with professional athletes, I have formed a philosophy that accelerates the unlocking of your athletic and aesthetic potential. From 119 lbs. to 205 lbs., established 2 million + family, and degree from FAU, I am living proof that anything is possible! Through this I have formed a movement called CalAesthetics - the journey you go through to achieve a physique using bodyweight training. Thankfully, this movement has impacted the fitness industry exponentially -- hundreds of lives are being changed every day! Together we can FINALLY change the way our friends, family, and colleagues look at fitness!

Anyways, that is enough about me, now I want to get to know you! Please leave a comment under this video so that I can respond to you ASAP. If you didn't know - I answer as many comments here on YouTube as I possibly can. So go ahead and drop yours below... It was a pleasure meeting you, and remember - if ya eat right, ya feel right! #CalAesthetics #BCutFit