Flexible Dieting 101: The Simple Facts



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There are way too many misconceptions, myths, and too much misinformation about IIFYM and flexible dieting. It has been made popular by people all over the world who are showing pictures of how they can eat whatever they want whether it's pizza, cookies, poptarts, ice cream, chipotle, etc. and still get a sick pack, ripped abs, aesthetic and even compete in bodybuilding and physique shows. The problem is how misleading it can be so in this video we break it down!

The difference between "clean" and "dirty" foods
The Traditional bodybuilder type "bro" diet
The problems which can arise from all or nothing dieting
-orthorexia, anxiety, destructive relationships, eating disorders, etc.
Why Flexible Dieting or is a healthy approach to eating

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Some of the topics we cover in this video are:
diet nutrition "weight loss" "fat loss" bulk cut routine fitness sixpack training health nutrition tips advice bodybuilder beginner diet food fit howto "lose fat"